Spain July 2, 2011 Update 9

Saturday, July 2

With a day off from the clinics, the team decided that the best way to spend the day was to go on a hike that included a 800′ change of elevation…twice!  Abounding in spectacular views and incredible beauty, this hike started in the mountains of the island.  Winding, rocky paths lead the team down the mountain and to the ocean where the team took a swim in the Atlantic ocean.  After the swim, the team hiked back up to the top of the mountain and walked along the top of the ridge.  High in the clouds, the team was cooled off by high winds and the cool mist of the clouds.  At one point, the clouds came up one side of the mountain, crossed over our path, and then cascaded down the mountain on the other side.  As we stood in the middle of the clouds, we were amazed at the power and creativeness of our great God.  Needless to say, when the team returned to the cars, they were tired but grateful for the opportunity to see God’s wonderful and marvelous creation.  Sunday will be spent worshiping with the host church, another team time, and then preparation for the clinics that start on Monday.  With the trip at the halfway point, the team is in good spirits and have enjoyed the company of each other.  The team is learning more about who God is and is also growing together in unity.  We have been blessed by how well the team works together and how accepting they are of each other.   Please continue to pray that we allow our lights to shine bright so that others may know who Jesus is and that what we do will bring glory to His name.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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