Spain Madrid – July 10 update 2014

Awakened by the alarm clock, we got up, got dressed and ate breakfast in our homes.  Each home serving something different from the other, all of us were hungry and ready to eat.  Once breakfast was finished, we met at the same house as all of the days this past week.  Our morning meeting followed and we discussed what the events of the day would be.  A short devotional was led by Brendan and soon we were on our way to the gym.  With only 114 kids attending the clinic today, it felt like there were a lot more missing.  We were able to do some group skill drills with the entire mass of kids before we began our skill development instruction at the stations.  Following stations and the snack, pool time was a lot like the previous days with the kids and coaches having a good time, even though the kids kept trying to gang up on the coaches and dunk them deep into the water.  Our meeting after our clinic in the morning allowed us the opportunity to nominate sportsmanship award winners for each group of kids.  The routine continued with lunch and team time at the same restaurant.  In team time, Scott, Wyatt and Brendan each gave their testimonies of how God is still in the business of changing people for Himself.  Following team time, our afternoon outreach was similar to Tuesday where we went to two different soccer fields at the same time to play soccer and make connections with the kids in an effort for the local church to increase their contact in the town.  For a bunch of basketball payers, we did pretty well and on one of the courts, the PTR team was actually and unbelievably undefeated. 8:30pm brought our last game for the week and although we lost, we saw great things happen that night!  We saw the head referee (as well as the other referee) bending down multiple times to help players up after they had fallen during the game!  An incredible 360° turn around from the first game he officiated for us, we can see that God has made a great impact on him and his co-worker.  After the game, he even commented that we were the best team in terms of sportsmanship that he has ever had the honor of officiating.  This is just more proof that although the game was lost, we won in the area that really counts and our testimony was strong.  With 90 people in the stands rooting and cheering, some for us, some for the home team, we were encouraged to work our hardest and display great sportsmanship.  Overall a great game with a fanatic ministry, we are excited about what God is doing in the hearts of those we have come in contact with.  May the love of God continue to bring souls to Himself and may His church be built in Arroyomolinos and throughout the country of Spain.

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