Spain Madrid – July 6 update 2014

Kory and Brendan arrived from Tenerife and were met in the airport by Sheri and three of the translators that will be helping us this week.  Sheri, who has been working on the details of this trip with the PTR missions home office for months drove us straight from the airport to the home of Mark and Kay, our host missionaries for the week. We were greeted by many people from the local church plant, the community, and the basketball club.  Given a quick lunch and then some dessert, we were able to relax a little from the traveling.  Not resting too long, we began our meeting in which we would help prepare our team for our time in Spain.  Always a great time of learning and fellowship, the team meeting allowed us to discuss important details for the next week.  Once the meeting had been accomplished, the 10 of us plus Mark and Sheri loaded up in our ‘limo’, a 9 passenger work van that will be ours for the week and headed to a nearby town to catch a glimpse of the ruins of a former castle and then view the sights on this little town’s plaza.  We stopped to get something to drink, either a cafe con leche or Aquarius, and enjoyed the coolness of the July evening and the activity on the plaza.  Conversation was easy to come by and quickly it was time to head back to our host homes for dinner and bed.  Greeted with open arms by our hosts, they eagerly met us and fed us as well.  Not lingering too long after the dessert, the team made final preparations for tomorrow and set off to bed.  Lord willing, a good night’s rest will ensure that we will be ready and eager to serve Him.

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