Spain Madrid – July 7 update 2014

Starting the day with breakfast, we fueled our bodies in preparation for our first day of clinics here in Arroyomolinos.  Upon completion of breakfast, we all met in the home of one of our hosts, Oscar and Christina.  An Argentinian family, they have opened their doors for six of us to stay in their home.  As we met, we were challenged from Philippians to put others before ourselves, just as Christ has done for us.  We also talked about the upcoming day and prepared everyone for what we were going to do.  A short 5 minute walk to the gym, we all headed out together and were there in no time.  Arriving before the kids allowed us to be prepared for their arrival.  With everyone having received their assignments, we welcomed the over 120 kids into the gym.  Since the kids were organized into groups prior to today, they each received a wristband that helped identify their group.  Once the registration time was complete, the camp began with our opening sportsmanship thought.  Since this area of Madrid is not ready to hear a public prayer, we moved past that and took a group picture of all of the kids.  The clinic was led in dynamic stretching as we prepared them for the day.  A few minutes with the defensive drill and off they went to each of their 10 stations.  Following the station time, the kids all ate a snack that they brought to the clinic.  Upon finishing the snack, the older group stayed inside to play full-court games while the younger group went outside to the pool.  Approximately 40 minutes later, the groups switched locations and the younger group came inside to play while the older group played 5 v 5 on two of the three full counts.  At the end of the day and with everyone back in the gym, a closing comment allowed us to remind them what they learned today and to excite them about returning tomorrow.  After the coaches reviewed the clinic and discussed the ways that we can improve, we packed into our cars and went to the same restaurant we ate at last year.  Choosing from the menu of the day, we had a great three course meal.  Our team time followed once our stomachs were full and we heard the testimonies of three of our team: Jamie, Jon, and Tim.  A time of great encouragement, the stories of these three men were an encouragement to us all.  With team time complete, we headed back to the home of host missionaries Mark and Kay for some community interaction.  We also received a quick snack and it was off to the gym for the game.  The team we played against tonight was just recently elevated to the national level, first division.  A very talented team, they beat us by 50+ points.  Through it all, we were able to demonstrate character and integrity during the game.  Looking to overcome many challenges during the game, our team as a whole represented the Lord well and was able to show that despite such a loss, there is value in a variety of Biblical principles, such as kindness, gentleness, and self control.  A powerful witness to the fans in the stands as well, it was quite obvious that we are a very different team.  May God be glorified through it all.

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