Spain Tenerife Day 3, June 22, 2014

Day 3: Sunday, June 22

The alarm goes off at 8AM and the team begins to stir.  Within an hour, the team is showered, dressed, and ready for breakfast.  Served a typical European breakfast of cold cuts, cheese, fresh bread, musli, and fresh fruit, the team enjoys the time of fellowship and the benefits of a good night’s rest.  It’s off to the church in Granadilla (10 min drive from our home base in the town of Adeje) where one of our missionary contacts is serving.  It is this morning that the church’s youth (18+) are coordinating the service.  We are greeted by the friendly congregation of 30+ and also have the privilege of allowing PTR teammate Tim to give his testimony towards the beginning of the service.  Speaking in complete Spanish, Tim communicates clearly how God has influenced his life.  The service also includes praise and worship songs which have English counterparts, giving opportunity to sing a few English verses.  The congregation is divided into 5 groups and given a word (and matching verse) such as love, hope, faith, etc to which each group must demonstrate in some visual way an example of that word.  After 10 minuets of discussion and preparation, each group came to the front of the room to act out their skit.  Humorous but meaningful as well, each group brought insight to practical application of God’s word.  Following the service, the church hosted a pot lunch to which we were invited and enjoyed the food and fellowship.  A great opportunity to get to know some of the locals, we began to build relationships with our fellow believers.  It was then back to the home base to change clothes for clinic preparation and a team practice in the gym.  Once in the gym, we discussed what the clinic would look like and distributed assignments.  Lastly, the team was divided into two squads for a full court game.  Excited to get on the court, the team worked hard both at defense and offense, learning how to best play with their new teammates.  Back at home base, the team was treated to a light dinner, a warm shower, a team meeting and a trip into town for gelato.  A favorite dessert, gelato is always a hit among Americans and locals alike.  Back to our new home and then to bed, ready for the first day of camp.  Preliminary discussions have one of the morning camps at 25 kids and the other at 80 kids.  We will only see what God brings to us at the start of our first week here on the island.

For the team, Coach Brendan

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