Spain Tenerife, Day 4, June 23, 2014

The first day of clinics begins as breakfast is served at 8:30AM.  An anxious mix of Americans, Venezuelans, and Spaniards enjoy another typical European breakfast.  At 9:15, five of our number, Alcedes, Tim, Zoe, Elli, and Joel set off to a gym in one location called Los Cardones.  Fifteen minutes later, the remainder of the group made their way to the gym in the town of Adeje.  In Los Cardoes, the camp was directed by Tim with a total of 13 kids.  The clinic went well as the players received great instruction by their coaches.  Meanwhile, the clinic in Adeje, 48 players arrived, eager to participate.  The Adeje clinic consisted mostly of individual skill development until it was time for a short break.  Once the break was over, the players entered into 3 different competitions, designed and organized by the director of Adeje’s basketball program, Eneko.  The PTR team jumped in as needed and assisted as the players each completed in foul shooting, 3 point shooting, and regular shooting competitions.  Helping with anything that was needed, the PTR team enjoyed working among the players and interacting with them.  The entire PTR group retuned back to our home base for a fantastic spaghetti lunch, complete with homemade meat sauce.  The filling meal was followed by our team time where Brendan and Kory gave their testimonies to what God has done and is doing in their lives.  An introduction into the book of Philippians was presented as the group, both Spanish and English speakers engaged in the conversation.  Not long after, the whole team descended once again upon the gym in Adeje, continuing the clinic that was started in the morning.  After reviewing the sportsmanship thought of the person being more important than the game, we stretched again, loosened up, and demonstrated the fundamentals of playing a man to man defense.  Eager and ready to play, the group of 44 was divided into two ability groups and then further divided into teams.  Teams completed against each other in a round robin type format.  The older division kept the total score of all of the games played and after the end of the time together, the winner was announced.  With no games of their own to play, the PTR team headed back to the home base and enjoyed a moment to relax as dinner was prepared and then served.  Following dinner, a small group of World Cup fanatics sat at a local restaurant and enjoyed time together watching Brazil beat Cameroon 4-1.  Not quite as exciting as years past when the Spanish team was a contender, it was still fun to join the spanish culture and enjoy a world famous tournament in a country where the tournament is taken very seriously.  Making their way to bed close to midnight, the team is nestled in for a well deserved night’s rest.  Tomorrow brings another day, much like today and we anticipate what God is going to do with us and through us.

For the team, Coach Brendan

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