Spain Tenerife, Day 5, June 24, 2014

The morning repeats itself and to some degree, so does our routine.  Alarms go off at the same time as yesterday, team members converge in the same fashion for breakfast as yesterday, and the meal itself is very much like yesterday.  The camps start much like yesterday and run very much like yesterday.  Coaches interact with players, teach skills at their stations, and share a vital message of sportsmanship, all just like yesterday.  Already having 5 days of the trip completed, it’s hard to believe that the time has gone so fast and that we have already settled into a routine.  What does change is some of the faces at the clinics as new ones are added each day.  The word is spreading and kids are coming out to the free clinics that we are hosting.  Most of the kids who attend the clinics are basketball players and at some level have a love for the game.  They work hard in the stations and even harder in the games.  Some are learning new skills for the first time, others are learning deeper knowledge of what was once thought to be mastered.  In it all, relationships are growing, not only with the kids, but also with those who host us in the gyms.  We are working hard to set a Christ like example and show others what it is like to walk with Jesus as one who knows who He is.  We had team time again, and this time it included a testimony by Reghan and praise and worship songs sung to the guitar played by Sajid.  Some songs were even sung in English and Spanish simultaneously as a very joyful noise made to the exact same tune.  God was worshiped in those moments as His people sang His praises with voices He has created.  The afternoon clinic included a review of the sportsmanship thought – being a team player – and more games.  We were also able to help review the skill of cutting ball side when looking to receive a pass.  The time with the kids came to and end as we finished out three different competitions that our gracious host, Eneko had organized for the team.  8:15PM was tip-off time as the PTR women took on the girls team from Adeje.  Playing against a squad that had almost 3x the number of players, the 6 PTR women played their hardest.  Utilizing the height of Zoe and Hannah, along with the ball handling skills of point guard Kylie, the PTR team battled every trip up and down the court.  Reghan, Jessye and Sheri all made contributions to the team in a variety of ways, but were all consistent in their character and integrity on the floor and in the huddle.  Blessed to have great officiating by both officials, one of which was our very own Tim, who is a licensed official back in his home state.  As hard as the PTR team played, they were not able to wipe away the deficit and ended up losing the game by a score of 87-58.  A very strong showing for having only 6 players and never having played with each other before, the PTR team set an excellent example of what it means to play for Christ.  The night finished up back at our home base with a great meal cooked by gourmet chef Lois and a little bit of fellowship before heading off to bed for a well earned and (hopefully) very deep sleep.

For the team, Coach Brendan

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