Spain Tenerife, Day 6, June 25, 2014

Do you remember the days when you would receive your end of the year report card?  We relived that feeling today vicariously through the lives of a plethora of the kids who are attending our clinics.  About half of the players who have been attending our clinic were required to report to their schools in order to receive their final grades for the year.  Although disappointing, this allowed for better contact with the players who were in attendance.  Looking forward to a full clinic tomorrow, we are hopeful that all of their grades are good enough to allow them to participate!  As was yesterday, the morning and afternoon routines were the same and we have continued to be a part of the community of basketball in the towns of Adeje and Los Cardones.  The players have shown improvement in the way they play and also acceptance to our talks about sportsmanship.  The afternoon and evening was consumed with a 3 v 3 tournament that is part of the competitions this week.  Some players have traveled 45 minuets to be a part of the tournament and have worked hard in the competition.  When the set number of round robin games have been played and the portion of the tournament came to a close, the PTR team headed to the town of Granadilla for the night’s double header against Granadilla’s women’s and men’s teams.  Encouraged by ministry opportunities and the things that God is doing in the lives of those we are working with daily, we were able to build into the lives of three players.  As God continues to work in us and use us to reach those we rub shoulders with, He is using new opportunities to expose others to Himself.  Both of the games played tonight ended in victory – both in the scoreboard and on the court.  The women’s team won by a score of 47-29 and the men’s team won 68-61.  Both games presented challenges which could have stood in the way of the mission and purpose of the PTR organization, but the teams were able to set a very good example of what it means to play for Christ.  Both teams played hard and continue to learn how to play with each other, yet in spite of the challenges, they are finding their way as each player defines his or her role.  The night ended with another great meal and some fellowship time back at our home base.  Not long after the last bite was eaten did the team turn in for the night, knowing that tomorrow brings another long day and new challenges of its own, each of which are opportunities to see God’s hand in it all.

For the team, Coach Brendan

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