Spain Tenerife, Day 7, June 26, 2014

What?  A week?  Already?  It is so hard to believe that a week has gone by and that we are preparing for the last day of clinics in the South.  As you might expect from a group that has lived together, worked together, played together, eaten every meal together, rooted through bags of each other’s clean laundry, we have grown close to each other.  We are building friendships and relationships that are very valuable in supporting each other while we are together.  Two locals who are relatively young believers are such an encouragement to us.  The resident missionaries from the US and Venezuela continue to bless us also.  Through words and deeds, the team is being blessed.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The team, in return, is able to bless each other and also those we are living among.  Opportunities arise and are seized as the group cares for one another.  Through the daily routine is similar as it has been Monday through today, the experiences are new each day and relationships with the kids, no matter what age, grow stronger.  Tonight’s game was the men’s game against the local basketball club that is hosting us.  Always eager to compete against the Americans, tonight’s team fit the bill.  The PTR team, composed of American, Spanish, and Venezuelan believers was privileged to have among its ranks one who gave us an opportunity to minister not just on the court, but also in the huddle.  Off to a slow start, the PTR team fell behind by the end of the first quarter.  Working hard to crawl out of the hole, the PTR team did all it could, but could just not crest the top.  Missing 13 lay-ups, the PTR team ended the game behind 80-60.  Add in those 13 and the PTR team would have won by 6.  As a bunch of individuals who came together just 5 days ago and have ministered all day to the kids at the clinics, they played extremely well against a formal team who have been training together for a while.  Despite the tough play on the part of the opposing team, the PTR team maintained the character and integrity of Christ-followers.  Multiple times the PTR team helped a player up after he fell and PTR players were seen chasing balls that went way out of bounds just to hand it to the other team to continue the game.  Although the scoreboard said we lost, in the most important part of the game, we won.  By God’s grace and mercy, He was able to use those 40 minutes as an opportunity to praise Him and allow His Son to shine.  More ministry opportunities are on the horizon and we are excited to be able to see how God will use them for Himself and His glory.

For the Team, Coach Brendan

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