Spain Tenerife, Day 9, June 28, 2014

Always eager for their guests to fellowship with the church and one another, host missionaries Dave and Steve arranged for an outing before we made our way up north to the town of Santa Ursula where our partner church is located.  Some of our number choose to ride bikes down the volcano on an adventure ride, a few others chose to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, and just a few chose to remain poolside. Whatever choice was made, each member of our group had a great time.  The most exhilarating of the three events was the bike ride down the side of the volcano.  To begin the journey, we were transported by van with bikes in tow near to the top of the volcano.  Along the way to our downhill starting destination, we were given great views of the island as well as four of the other islands that are nearby.  A beautiful sunny day allowed for wonderful vistas and the ability to see many impressive sights.  On our journey up, we were told many interesting facts about Tenerife, one of which is that it boasts 412 volcanos on the island with the highest one, Mount Tiede, being the highest one in Spain and the third highest in the world.  Once we reached our starting point, the bikes were taken off the trailer, we were given high visibly safety vests, helmets, gloves and a safety talk.  When all was ready, we mounted the bikes to descend almost 2,000 meters on winding, twisting downhill roads.  Partway in our excursion, we stopped along side the road for a quick Canarian lunch and then were back on our way.  Once down at the bottom of the mountain and at sea level, we were taken back to where we were staying, just minutes away.  A great adventure, it was a great way to see God’s creation and enjoy our time with each other.  Those who stayed back, enjoyed time recovering from the busy week and late nights.  Whether it was poolside, by the beach, or walking down the town’s version of a boardwalk, our team continued to fellowship with each other and allow the downtime to help rejuvenate for the week to come.  Once on the road up north to Santa Ursula, we made a quick stop at our favorite European sporting goods store, Decathlon, before reaching our destination.  Upon arrival, the team was given time to settle into to our new homes for the week, taking the opportunity to refresh and to prepare for dinner.  Typical Spanish culture had us eating dinner around 9:30 at one of the many local restaurants that are locally and family owned.  A fantastic meal with great company allowed us to enjoy the final moments of the day.  Not long after a filling meal were we back in our homes and ready for bed.  Greatly blessed by our Creator throughout the day in many ways, we look forward to worshipping Him tomorrow in the church where our host missionaries serve.

For the team, Coach Brendan

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