Spain Update #10 July 1, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 10

Started the Lord’s Day with the Sunday Morning worship service with our local church hosts.  We were blessed by the music, which had some familiar songs that were translated into Spanish.  We weren’t the only guests in the service since the Mercy Ship ministry was docked at the Island and the crew came to worship with us.  The local church we are working with has been supporting one of the crewmembers for the past 2 years and always enjoys when they are in port and can come for a visit.  We has the pleasure of eating lunch at the church with the crew from the Mercy Ship but then had to pack our things for our move down to the southern part of the island for the next week of camp.

Staying in unused cabins of a retirement village called C.E.D.A.R allows us to be close to the gyms were we will be having clinics and playing games.  About an hour or so away from our host town of Santa Ursula, the new lodging quarters help us begin to build connections and relationships with people on the southern part of the island and will save the 2hr round trip.  The local church in Santa Ursula is working to develop a stronger evangelical church presence on the southern part of the island and is using our team to help begin.

Settled in and a bit hungry, we set off for one of Spain’s most important events in the past two years:  the 2012 EuroCup Final.  After a bit of hunting for a parking space and a little wandering the area for space in a restaurant, we found what we were looking for: food and The Game.  Excitement is in the air as the game begins.  Throughout the meal, all eyes were glued to the screens as the Spanish team took a 1, then 2, then 3 and finally a 4-0 lead over the Italian team, winning the European Championship in remarkable style.  The streets were alive with people of all ages reveling in the national victory as they honked horns, drove up and down streets with waving flags.  For hours after the win, the excitement was still be heard as we drifted off to sleep…

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