Spain Update #11 July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 11

Wow.  It still is taking time to sink in.  The Spanish victory in the EuroCup last night was an unbelievable experience.  History was made since Spain was the first team in history to have won 2 consecutive EuroCup titles and a World Cup title in between the EuroCup victories.

Filled with a delicious breakfast, we headed to our new location for clinics here in the southern part of the island.  The gym is basically brand new and a beautiful place to play basketball.  The director of the basketball program met us and was eager to have us be here to help his teams.  He welcomed us with open arms and was very helpful in arranging and organizing the over 40 kids present.  As the kids worked on the skills in each of the stations, it was evident that there is a good foundation for the sport in this area.  They kids came to the clinic with a good understanding of the game and have some good foundational skills.  This will challenge our team to raise the bar higher as we work with them throughout the week.

After a delicious lunch, we headed out for a little rest by the ocean, which is just a few minutes a way.  We returned for supper and a fantastic time together, hearing what the Lord is doing in the lives of fellow teammates.  One theme seemed to reoccur: when God brings things into our lives we don’t like, He usually is trying to take out things He doesn’t like.  Painful as it may be, these situations are worthwhile and ultimately for His glory.

Excited to see what He will do tomorrow,

Coach Brendan

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