Spain Update #13 July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 13

Celebrating the 4th of July in a foreign country is usually not a priority for those in that country.  However, for those of us who are grateful for what God has done in the US since 1776, the day does have significance.  Knowing this, we began our time together this morning with a heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem.  It was a fun way to honor our country even though we are many miles away from home.

Another day at the clinic in Adeje, the town on the southern coast of the island started off well like the previous ones.  The kids have been very receptive to the things that we have been sharing about sportsmanship, character, and integrity.  We are very pleased with how they have been attentive to our sharing with them and with our prayers before and after camp.  Having 2 more kids begin today, our clinic total has risen to 44 kids.  This is a very encouraging number for an area that has fewer basketball clubs and teams than the area that we have been working with in the north.  The kids have been working hard in their stations and in their games, showing improvement and interest in what we are teaching them.  Of course, they love to play the games and it shows.

Team Time followed another fantastic lunch and was one in which three testimonies were shared, along with times of singing and prayer.  It is so wonderful to hear how God works in the lives of others and in His own and special way.  Some testimonies give a strong view of how powerful God’s grace is and serve as a reminder to us all.

A little time was taken to see the downtown area right before supper.  A beautiful coast God has created and with steady winds, makes a great place for windsurfing.  Supper was eaten at a local eatery where the pizza is served on 1.5’ and 3’ long rectangular boards.  A variety of pizzas were ordered and shared by all.

The men’s game tonight was against a group of men who are friends of the men who helped get us a gym and kids to attend the clinic.  The organizer of tonight’s game, Diego, was a very kind and gracious host.  Also present to watch the game was the city councilman who is in charge of athletics for the town and another councilman.  Hearing that Americans were in town to play against a local “all-star” team brought many fans out to cheer their team on to victory.  The Push the Rock team started out strong and took an early lead, holding it for the whole first half.  However, the 3rd quarter was troublesome for the PTR team and having had no offensive rebounds, the team sunk into a hole.  With effort and perseverance, the PTR team began to chip away at the lead.  The hill proved to big to climb no matter how hard the team worked.  Some key shots brought the deficit down to 8, but that was as low as it got.  In the end, the local team won.  What made the evening a success was the constant, steady testimony of the PTR players.  Showing great sportsmanship, kindness, and Christian love, the PTR team accomplished the mission and let their light shine.  The local team was very fun to play against because they demonstrated a respect for the PTR team and treated them with great kindness.  Of course, both sides committed fouls, but that didn’t get in the way of the mutual respect each team has for the other.  It was one more demonstration that when both believes and non-believes practice Biblical principles, all involved benefit from following God’s Word.

Wrapping thing up shortly,

Coach Brendan

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