Spain Update #14 July 5, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 14

A great day filled with excitement and lots of fun would be a way to characterize today.  Breakfast in the morning, followed by Team Time, and then off to the clinic.  Our basketball hosts accepted our invitation to join us for lunch and then back up to the North to host a 3 v 3 tournament in Santa Ursula.  Back down to our town in the South for supper and then to bed.  The day went fast, but was a very good day indeed.

At the gym in the morning, the clinic attendance rose again, this time up to 47 but the fun and energy stayed the same.  Sportsmanship thoughts were given and more of who Christ is was shared.  Kids are interested in what we are saying and are asking follow-up questions on the side to the coaches.  The plan for the end of the clinic on Friday is to share the gospel with the kids and we’ll be excited to see what God will do.

Lunch with the host coaches back at where we are staying was a neat opportunity to connect with them on a personal level.  Also at the table were Toni and David.  Toni is a semi-pro player who continues to attend the clinics every day and works hard, even though she could be elsewhere.  She is grateful for the time with us since she has been enjoying it and even learning as well.  David is a 15 year old boy who attends the clinic and has potential to be a very good player.  We were blessed to also have the head coach and his two assistants with us.

Less than 20 kids arrived in Santa Ursula for our impromptu 3 v 3 tournament.  The word was spread by word of mouth and text messages only days before and still kids came from neighboring towns to participate.  Some of the coaches played to help balance the teams as all 6 teams worked their way through 4 rounds of round robin play and then the double elimination tournament.  Each participant had plenty of opportunities to play and the local church had another opportunity to build relationships with families.  The winning players each received a coveted PTR t-shirt of their own.

A fun day it was but knowing that the end is close brings sadness as we prepare to pack-up and head back to the US.  May God grant us His vision for the island and how He’ll use us, the local church and PTR to further Kingdom work.

With much thanksgiving,

Coach Brendan


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