Spain Update #15 July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 15

And so it ends.  One of the most open to the gospel and our sharing of Christ clinics we have had on the Island, the clinic in the south ended on a fantastic note.  56 kids were participating in the clinic today, a record number for this clinic.  Having not had any prior relationships in the town to build on for the clinic, God opened the doors wide as we were welcomed by so many and were encouraged by so many willing hearts to hear what we had to say.  This was the first time that so many kids picked up on the sportsmanship thoughts and concepts we were teaching and put them into practice right away.  The spirit of this past week’s clinic was one where PTR and its message was welcomed by all so much so that we felt the need to give not just one sportsmanship award at the end of the clinic.  What was really interesting was that we found out after the awards were given that the boys who won the awards were brothers!  We also had lots of fun teaching basketball and working with kids.  We also learned a few things from them as well, increasing our basketball knowledge.

Following another great lunch, we packed up our things and headed back up north the town of our host church.  A quick unpack and change for the women’s team and we were off to a new town to play a new team – La Oratava.  Some of the girls from this team were at the clinic the first week and missionary Nathan worked hard to get a game with them for us.  The president of the basketball club in La Oratava was very interested in playing as well as having us help coach clinics with them in the future.  In fact, the president of the club told us tonight that the gym is ours and we could use it anytime we wanted!  Hearing those words was very encouraging, knowing that we have begun to build another bridge with the community, this one being only 15 minutes away from the local church we are partnering with.  It seems that the Lord is continuing to bless us and is helping us find favor in the eyes of the community.  Such things are huge blessings and encouragements as we continue to labor for Him.

The PTR women’s team started the game off very well and fast.  We jumped out quickly and within minutes had a lead which worked it self up past double digits.  The team was playing well together, taking great shots and missing very little.  It wasn’t much longer until the team was holding onto a 14-point lead.  Two players got into foul trouble and the tide began to turn as the PTR faithful watched the lead shrink down to 1.  But with fire in their eyes and tenacity running through their veins, slowly the team climbed back up the mountain.  The team got back on track again and the lead began to grow once again.  When the final buzzer sounded, the PTR team had plenty of points to be able to be called the victors in the last match of the trip.  Constantly maintaining a positive attitude while playing a physical game, the PTR team held strong with a wonderful testimony.  Hurrying to help fallen players up, the Light shone brightly as the PTR team clearly demonstrated the concepts that have been taught the past two weeks.  God was glorified and honored as His creation conducted themselves in a manner worthy of their calling.  Truly a night of a different kind of worship, His people who were called by His name humbled themselves and were able to show that it’s Christ who lives in them that allows them to do the things He wants them to do.  May God continue to draw souls to Him as He pleases in places where He chooses using people who are open to His call.

Almost back home in the US,

Coach Brendan

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