Spain Update #2 June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2

The second day of our time in Spain has flown by so very quickly.  With team meetings in the morning (included was a time of praise and worship) and team practices in the afternoon, followed by the Euro 2012 Spain vs France soccer match, we had plenty to do.  As we seek to engage with the community these next two weeks, we take part in a variety of things that will help us do what God has called to do while in Spain.  The team meetings helped us prepare mentally and spiritually for what we will encounter.  Always a blessing which directs our hearts and thoughts toward Him, the time spent singing praise and worship songs ended our meetings right before lunch.  Another meeting to help us understand the culture and language we are living in was conducted by Missionary Nathan and was very helpful in understanding how we can be effective in God’s service on the island.  With special permission granted to us, we were able to get into the town’s local gym and have a team practice.  The practice was a great workout, very beneficial in getting to know teammates, and helped us prepare to do everything with excellence.   The European nations are currently in a European wide soccer tournament, second only to the World Cup.  Each nation takes pride in its national team and people enjoy rooting and cheering for their nation.  Such was the case tonight when Spain took on France in a quarterfinal game where the winner advances and the loser goes home.  Immersed in the culture, our team made its way to the public showing of the game on a huge screen with two big speakers in the gym where we will be holding the clinics next week.  Sitting side by side with the locals, we joined the celebration as the cheering and the horns blew off the roof of the gym when Spain scored the first goal early in the game.  Late in the game on a penalty shot, Spain scored the second and last goal of the game, winning 2-0.  Excitement filled the gym where we watched the game as people from the neighboring areas cheered and screamed and hollered with joy as their national pride advanced to the next round.  No doubt the excitement will continue on Thursday night when Spain takes on its other neighbor, Portugal, in the semi-final match.

There is excitement in our hearts as the team works together for the one goal of sharing Christ through sports.  Already active in our hearts and our lives, the Creator of the Universe is preparing to do something for His Glory.  Tonight, He began with two teams playing far away on the mainland, opening the door for us into the community.  What He will do next, as for now, only He knows.

Until He shows us more,

Coach Brendan

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