Spain Update #3 June 24, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 3

Starting off the day with the Sunday Morning Worship service, we had the opportunity to gather with the local church that we are serving along side of for these two weeks.  We were privileged to have the youth of the church lead in the praise and worship part of the service.  It was a special time as they are given this chance to praise the Lord with their talents and abilities.  Also apart of today’s service was Communion, another very special thing to be a part of while here in Spain.  For the non-Spanish speakers, there was a sense of understanding and connection even though they were not able to understand what was being said.  Following the service we were invited to be a part of a potluck lunch with the entire church.  This opportunity gave us time to spend with the church members and to get to know them a little bit better.  Those of us who are non-Spanish speakers are very grateful for those who are willing to translate for us, constantly demonstrating a servant’s heart.  The next thing was to have our team time where we are talking about Living with a Purpose and how we have been designed for worship of our Creator.  The discussion time was good and included many people sharing with the group and adding to the discussion.  Another team practice was added to the schedule and after a quick shower we returned to the church for supper, consisting of a Venezuelan favorite:  Arepas!  New to some of the team members, this delectable delight brought full stomachs and happy taste buds to both veterans and rookies alike.  With a little time left in the evening, the team entered a nearby town for a little sightseeing and team bonding as we prepare for first week of clinics.

We have been blessed to have safety in all we have done these past three days.  For this, we are grateful to the Lord, as He has provided it for us and to you who constantly keep us in your prayers.  Please do not grow weary in prayer for we are dependent on you for this.

We are grateful for your support,

Coach Brendan


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