Spain Update #5 June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 5

Today was very much like yesterday.  Kids arrived early and eager for both the clinics.  The morning clinic had 49 in attendance, one more than yesterday.  Some of the faces were new, which meant that some of the kids who attended on Monday didn’t return.  (However, we did see some of the older kids at the clinic in the afternoon, mostly because that camp has more of the players of their skill level.)   The afternoon camp also increased in attendance and rose up to 80 kids.  This is quite a large number as well as a significant increase for the camp.  We are excited to see how many kids are attending camp and how much interest there is to participate.  The large number presents challenges for us, but we are trusting God to help us find the most effective way to coach and teach all of the players.

Team Time day was another lesson in Living with a Purpose where we saw that we are planned for God’s pleasure.  We are born for worship of the Creator of the Universe and because of that, we are able to have a real relationship with Him.  The men and women met separately as we discussed the topics and scriptures.  This gave us an opportunity to talk with each other in a way that we could connect better as men and women, even addressing issues that unique to each gender.

The evening brought both a women’s game and a men’s game, competing against the same club.  The women played hard and well, but no matter how hard they worked, the ball just wouldn’t go into the basket.  They were full of encouragement for each other as they did a good job learning to play with each other.  Unfortunately, the PTR women lost the game 49-36.  The men’s game followed immediately and right off the bat, the PTR men went ahead.  However, towards the end of the 4th quarter, the opposing team caught up, tied the score and then went ahead.  A few baskets were missed by the PTR men and at the final buzzer, the PTR men succumbed to the opponents by a score of 68-63.  There were over 50 fans in attendance to watch the PTR teams play.  In spite of the loss, both games were victories in the sense that the testimony of each player was strong and the Lord was honored in what we said and did.  Although not always an easy thing to do, the PTR teams chose to put the opponents and the refs above themselves, giving proof that what we are teaching is, in God’s power, a very possible thing to do.

As we have done in the past three years here in Santa Ursula, we will be interviewed by the local radio station.  The interview will broadcast live tomorrow (June 28) around 1:30 PM local time (8:30AM EST) and will be a chance to share with town what we are doing here.  We will be sharing about PTR, the clinics, and the purpose for what we do.  If you are interested, you can listen via the web at  Please pray that the interview goes well and that the Lord uses it to glory himself.

May God be honored in all,

Coach Brendan

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