Spain Update #5 July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010

I was asking in faith that the Lord would give us 40 kids today.  When we showed up at the gym for the morning clinic, there were a total of 98.  98!  Apparently, the town’s summer program begins today and they wanted to use PTR as part of their program.  so, we integrated about 75 of them (ages 4-12) into our schedule.  We had them do all kinds of drills with us and we played all sorts of games with them.  when they took their lunch break, we did more basketball things with those not with the program.  It was a great day of flexing and allowing us to be creative on how we spend time with all age groups.  The camp at the hotel went well and they enjoyed a very sunny day.  Outside and in the sun, the kids were run through their drills.  Although some of them didn’t like the heat, the day was overall a success.  The afternoon clinic went well, although there weren’t as many kids as yesterday.  There were some new ones, but there were also some that did not return for today.  So far, we have gotten good feedback on the camps and they have been a success with the kids and the local basketball club.  Our translator who rolled his ankle went to the hospital today to have it x-rayed.  The results showed no brake, but a tear in his tendons.  He has it wrapped and will need to be off it for 5 days.  It is our desire that it improves so that he can play at the end of next week.  Overall, his spirit is good, but being sidelined is not what he had planned.

The team played a double header tonight – men first then the ladies.  Players from all over emerged to play our boys.  In fact, it was mentioned that the team we played against was a higher level of all-stars.  There were two players who play professionally (at some level) and one female professional (at some level) who made up the team of over 10.  One of the men we played against last year was here again.  He is quick, fast, and has such a great jumper that we affectionately dubbed him ‘white lightning’.  Our boys played hard and they played well.  The game tonight was much more competitive than it was last night and our team rose to the challenge.  You could see that they have begun to play better as a team and we’re only beginning to see really how well they play.  After a few close moments, out PTR boys pulled out the victory.  Tired, sweaty and beat, they joined our other fans to watch the PTR girls play.  The girls played another team from the neighboring town of La Victoria.  A few of them were familiar from last year.  The game started off a little hard for our girls but they fought their back.  Still adjusting to some of the rules, the girls were faced with some things they were not used to.  Although some the calls did not go their way, the girls continued to play.  As the final seconds of the first half ticked off, the ball made its way to our point guard.  In the paint, she released a sweet floater that was as smooth as silk.  As the ball fell through the hoop, the buzzer sounded the end of the first half!  What a great shot it was.  As the game began to wind down, PTR found themselves on top with a slim margin.  Working hard to maintain the lead, they played hard.  Despite the challenges of the first half, the girls played a very good second half.  With less than two minutes to play, the La Victoria team sneaked back to take the lead.  Despite our attempts to claim the victory in those final seconds, we just weren’t able to put enough points on the board.  Unfortunately, it was a loss.  However, the game was one more step closer to playing better as a team and gave us opportunity to witness through our play.

Many thanks to those who are praying.  You are doing so much here and we a grateful for your support.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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