Spain Update #6 June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 6

The excitement lasted all day today – from morning to night!  The day began as it typically does and was filled with excitement as the kids came to the morning clinic eager and ready to go.  There were a total of 53 kids present today; the daily attendance is climbing.  Spread across the gym, the kids went through the skills stations.  Today’s all-camp demonstration included basic defense, teaching where to stand, how to move, and what to look for when playing.  This was followed by sets of 3 vs. 3 games as the kids were able to put into practice some of the things that they were taught.  Some caught on faster than others, but overall, we have seen success.

Excitement was accompanied by anticipation as Brendan and Kim, along with missionary Dave, headed to the radio station, Radio Atlantida, for an interview.  As Dave conducted the interview – asking questions in English and Spanish – Brendan and Kim were able to give the reason why we are in Santa Ursula, where we are from, who Push the Rock is, the value of teaching sports as it relates to life, and much more.  Team Time included a time of praise and worship as a few team members gave their testimonies and shared what God is doing in their lives.  Whenever God is moving in the hearts of people, there is always some amount of excitement, which serves as motivation for other to follow hard after Christ Jesus.

The afternoon clinic had excitement of its own as there were 61 kids at camp, still plenty of kids to keep us busy.  On staff with the basketball club that we are partnering with is a former USA Olympic athlete who played on the women’s basketball team and won gold medal team in 1984.  She was able to give a small talk to the upper level players, encouraging them to use the tools that are given to them to become better players.  She also spent time talking to them about some of the finer points of the game that will help them achieve more at the next level.  It was exciting to hear what a former Olympian and professional basketball player has to say to developing players and to hear her passion for youth basketball.

Leaving the gym and heading to the court, the PTR women’s team played in an exciting game against another local team.  Working hard and doing their best to overcome challenges, the PTR women showed a great amount of heart and desire as they played.  Their testimonies held strong and they were a great example of what we have been talking about each day so far.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough points at the end of the game, but were able to see the excitement that the competition with PTR brings.

Almost running from the game, the whole PTR team headed out to catch the Euro 2012 semifinal game where Spain took on Portugal.  After 90 minutes of excitement, the score was tied at 0 and went into overtime.  The excitement continued into overtime where at the sound of the final buzzer, the score remained the same.  On to penalty kicks where Spain won 4-2, thrusting them into the Euro 2012 final verses the winner of the Germany v Italy game on Sunday night.  As the game-winning goal was scored, the town ignited with excitement as fireworks went off, horns were going off in the distance and the locals cheered the victory of their team.  As I stood outside and listened to the excitement, I can only imagine the excitement in Heaven when one comes to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  May God be pleased this week to draw to himself more people and fill Heaven and earth with true excitement.

Anticipating more excitement from Him,

Coach Brendan

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