Spain Update #8 June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 8

Friday.  Usually the last day for camps back in the states.  This is partially true with our clinics here in Spain because the town that we are staying in has asked us to do something in the morning with the kids on Saturday (tomorrow) while the afternoon clinic in the neighboring town ended today.  The morning clinic had 59 kids present while the afternoon clinic had 65 kids in attendance.  Both clinics ran very smoothly today and all the kids enjoyed working on their skills, being with their friends, and playing in the games.  We were able to recognize one of the players in the afternoon clinic for executing what we have been encouraging all of the kids to do throughout the week.  While playing and having an advantage, this young lady gave up that advantage to help the opponent up and back on their feet.  A true sign of sportsmanship, this simple act resonated with us and allowed us to recognize her in front of her peers for a job well done.  At the end of the afternoon clinic, the mayor of the town stopped in to see what we were doing and to present us with a book on the history of the town and a small plaque with the town’s seal on it.  It was a real honor for PTR as the mayor took some of his time to recognize us and the value that our clinics bring to his town.  We also were able to present the gospel to the group and share with them love of Jesus Christ.  We are grateful for all the doors the Lord is opening for us and all that He is providing.  He continues to be about His Kingdom business and we are fortunate enough to have His grace allow us to be a part of what He is doing here in Tenerife.

Both the women and the men played a game tonight and both of them won their games.  The women’s game was close for the most of the game but towards the end they took a lead and never looked back.  They played hard and well, and have learned a little bit more about their teammates and how they play.  They also displayed teamwork, character, and integrity during the whole game.  Being gracious winners, they hugged the opposing players after the game and even posed for a picture of both of the teams together.  The men’s game had the lead going back and forth for most of the game but it finally rested with the PTR team when the final horn blew.  The team the men played against is the team that uses the gym as their home gym for their basketball club and is where we have been holding our clinics in every morning this week.  Before the game, the host team was talking a little bit about how they were going to beat us, but when the game was over, they were very gracious and continued to be a great host.  Two men from the local church we are working with have built relationships with men on the host team and it was very good to be able to talk more with them after the game, continuing to build relationships.  It is our prayer that our attitudes and sportsmanship has helped them better see their need for Christ in their lives.

Tomorrow holds for us the clinic in the morning, a hike through one of the most beautiful valleys on the mountain, a little shopping, and then dinner at a local restaurant called a Guachinche.  We are looking forward to more time with each other and a chance to see some of God’s great creation on the island.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

Coach Brendan

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