Spain Update #9 July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Here we go!  Staring up a new week in a new location is always something to look forward to.  Just off a restful (physically) and rejuvenating (spiritually) weekend we were ready to go.  But alas, things don’t always go as they are planned.  Is that the life of a missionary?  Or is that the life lived in a Latin culture?  Whatever the case, the arrangement for the morning was changed at least three times.  Bending and flexing the team brought their servants hearts as we participated in the town’s summer program.  Having over 70 kids from the ages of 6-11, we creatively used our talents and abilities to give the kids a great morning.  Keeping them focused on what we had for them was always a challenge but the Lord provided the grace and strength when we needed it.  Lunch and Team Time were back at the church and they served to refill us physically and spiritually.  The afternoon camp brought over 35 kids to us, mostly girls since the La Victoria basketball club only has a girls team.  Many girls who were here last year returned for the camp and it was great seeing them again.  It’s good to see the good players return as well, symbolizing the fact that they love the game and are willing to learn more about it.  The power of the Gospel in our lives was shared by one of our coaches and thus began the education of why we are really here.  Please pray that the Lord softens hearts and draws those of His choosing to Himself this week.  A quick snack and the girls game was underway.  Playing hard, the PTR girls battled an older girls team from La Victoria.  The PTR team struggled both on offense and defense for most of the game.   Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t pull it out in the end and lost the game.  Later, a team meeting brought the girls together in a way to help them as they prepare for their game Thursday night.  A good meal at the church helped to rally the team and give us all a good time of fellowship.  Back to the places where we sleep and ready for a new day tomorrow.

May the Lord continue to grant you strength in your daily walk with Him, just as He does for us.

Coach Brendan

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