Sports Complex Update – Basketball coming soon!

A few years ago we set out to create a sports complex in this community. We dreamed to have multiple sport offerings in a central location, where we had ownership and could use it for our programs and purposes.

Our full size soccer field is already in use as of April of this year, and in May we completed the fencing project that now encloses the nearly 10 acre area.

The latest project we are now working on is the basketball court!  We broke ground the last week of May and are on course to finish the project by the end of July.  It has been years in planning and we are excited to see the plans

When the basketball court is finished, we will then install a sand volleyball court as well, followed by a netball court.

We are grateful for the workers here who are doing a great job, and the many people who have also supported this ongoing project financially over the past few years.  It truly is a team effort and to see it coming together is truly something we are grateful for!


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