Tenerife 2017 | Update 2 | June 18

Sunday June 18th

This morning we awoke from our slumber after a night of rejuvenating rest. The girls woke, dressed and packed for the day before heading to Gabi and Andres’s to meet the rest of the team for breakfast. Shortly after the girls’ arrival, breakfast was served. This morning’s breakfast array consisted of eggs, bacon, yogurt, muesli, bread, ham, cheese, cereal, and coffee. The team talked, laughed and fellowshipped together over the breakfast meal. Following breakfast, the laughs, smiles, and chatter continued as different conversations formed between team members over several topics. Following breakfast, we loaded up the cars and traveled to our local church, Iglesia Cristiana Fuente de Paz y Esperanza, where we attended the morning worship service. As we entered the church, we stepped into a new opportunity to worship God. Some of us were greeted with handshakes and hugs, while others were consistently greeted with a kiss on both cheeks. For some team members, this was a new experience, and for others it was a natural occurrence. During the service, we worshipped through songs in Spanish, and listened as Pat shared his testimony and one of the local men of the church preached on the Armor of God. Following the church service, we enjoyed a lunch of pork, potatoes, bread, beans, chocolate cake and more, which had been prepared by Lois and her squad. With stomachs full, we then transitioned into team time where we discussed and reflected on our opportunity to worship with the local church. Following the time of reflection, Brendan and Jenn both shared their testimonies.

From there, we traveled to the lower Santa Ursula gym, to prepare for the upcoming clinics. We discussed how, when and where the camps and clinics would operate over the next couple of days. We then broke up into our different station groups, in order to create a game plan for each specific station. Following our planning period, we ran a “mock camp” in order to get a feel for how things would take place. We even had a “wild child” (aka Brendan) run through the stations in order to give us an idea of how to work with a child who would not cooperate with the station instructions. Brendan definitely played the part well.

Following our time of planning, we once again returned to the church, where we partook of cachupas with ham and cheese. As Leah stuffed her first bite into her mouth, she mumbled, “This is delightful”. Agreed, Leah, agreed.

Following dinner, we had another orientation session with Dave Belch regarding the schedule and other various pieces of information that we needed to know for the trip. Once the meeting wrapped up, we were divided up into different cars and transported to Puerta de La Cruz for some “helado” and sightseeing. Upon arrival, the majority of the group walked along the coast on the stone walkway, which overlooked the rocks and sea. The setting sun also allowed for great photo opportunities. Joey, Sammy, and Aaron, just to name a few, strutted down the stone walkway and posed for some pretty epic shots. Following the photo shoot, we headed to a local “heladeria” located down town. As each team member peered into the glass, to survey the helado options, many pointed and “oohed and ahhed” at the various flavors. After assessing all of the flavors and many trial scoops, everyone received their gelato. From coffee to kinder to gofio to coco flavors, each team member devoured their ice cream. Free time following the “helado stop” allowed for sightseeing and walking along down town Puerto. An hour or so later, the team met at the local lighthouse and loaded up the cars, in order to head back to their host homes. Upon the arrival at our host home, some team members hung out together and talked before heading to bed. With another great day under our belts, we look forward to the upcoming week

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