Monday, June 19

Today was Monday June 19th. Breakfast was served at 9:00 am as usual. As Josh and I reluctantly got out of bed at 8:45 we quickly got our things together and we headed out the door. After a great breakfast with a great view we all gathered for team time. After team time we got all of our stuff together and went to the church. We then partook in a wonderful hand cooked meal by the one and only Lois Belch. With our stomachs full of delicious food we parted our ways and headed to our designated camps. For the first day of camp I believe it went very well and quite smooth. Although it didn’t have a translator in my station I tried my hardest to clearly communicate with the kids. I love the opportunity to be able to pay attention to each of the kids. I really enjoy being able to teach and help those who struggle in certain areas. After we were done with the first camp, we all drove to Oratava for a second. This gym was packed with little anxious kids. Not even 2 minutes in I had a crowd of young kids playing with me and laughing. It is so cool how basketball can connect people that never knew each other to laughing and having a great time in less than 2 minutes. The second camp was very good as well and I was very happy with the work we did. As for dinner we partook in great homemade pizza which satisfied our stomachs for quite awhile. After returning home it was not much longer until my eyes slammed shut and and didn’t open again until  the sun began to shine in my eyes as Josh’s alarm going off. I was very pleased with the first day of camps. I can’t wait to see what the rest of them will look like.  -Keegan

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