Tenerife 2017 | Update 5 | June 21

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today was a long day.  We had to wake up earlier than normal (7:30am).  I had my usual breakfast (coffee, banana, bread with nutella, and yogurt).  We were all pretty tired.  We then had to go to Santa Ursula to do a clinic with the elementary school there.  It seemed like it would be lighter with regards to the kids, but eventually a whole swam of them came in at the same time.  It was funny because Leah started giving the sportsmanship thought of the day, but had to restart because all of the new kids came in.  That turned out to be a very good clinic.  The kids were very enthusiastic to learn which made it sweet.  After that, we came back to the church and hour our team time.  Pat and Sheri shared their testimonies.  I really enjoy those times of transparency an honesty.  Then, we had lunch and got to rest for a little bit before we had another clinic at 4pm.  This was also in Santa Ursula but this was for the actual camp.  I remember I had a good talk with Jorge at that camp.  He spoke decent english so we were able to talk pretty well.  All the kids seem so happy that we’re there for them.  Then, we had to rush over to Puerto de La Cruz for the last clinic.  That wasn’t nearly as tiring because they were good players.  So, I felt more like I could make the drills a little harder and really work the kids and make them better.  We then had dinner to finish off the night at the church.  The ladies who make the food are very sweet.  The culture is different from America (obviously).  I feel as though the relationships in Spain are much simpler than in America, meaning there isn’t any drama.  Everyone is gracious and understanding. – Josh

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