Tenerife 2017 | Update 7 | June 23

Friday, June 23, 2017

The final day of camp at La Victoria and Puerto. The day began with breakfast at Andre and Gabbe’s house. That means I had coffee and whatever I could cover in Nutella. What better way is there to get going? Since our clinics weren’t scheduled until the afternoon, we took a shopping trip to Decathlon after breakfast. I was in Steve’s car and we drove with the windows down. At some point in the drive from there was a distinct moment when the temperature outside got hotter. Steve then educated us on how hot air and dust from the Sahara can be blown over the ocean into Tenerife, which is kind of cool, but also made me sweaty. At the end of our shopping excursion, some of us grabbed some Oreo shakes McDonald’s (which is much more high-tech in Spain than in the states). We ordered on a big touch screen. US McDonalds needs to step their game up. After lunch we headed out to our clinics. The final day with the kids in La Victoria was great. They brought a lot of energy to stations and it was evident at the end that we had done a good job connecting with them. When we left the clinic we met up at Natalie’s apartment for a youth event. One of my favorite campers (am I allowed to pick favorites?) who doesn’t know the Lord came with us. I was excited because he seemed very attentive while Aaron and Josh shared their testimonies. Later, Santa Ursula handed us our first loss. Fortunately, we kept our composure, and I believe we had a strong testimony in the way that we handled the loss. I guess we’ll know in heaven how much of an impact we had on the Santa Ursula team. To finish off the day was dinner at church and some much needed rest before the hike that was planned for the next day.  -Jon

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