Tenerife 2017 | Update 8 | June 24

Tenerife 2017 | Update 8 | June 24

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This morning, the team woke up semi- early to prepare for today’s recreational events. The team met at Gabi and Andre’s for breakfast once again, where were served eggs, peach streusel, cereal, muesli, coffee and plenty of other delightful breakfast foods. After indulging in breakfast, each person made their own bocadillo and “lunch bag” to take with them on their excursion. Once the lunches were packed, we split into our two groups before heading out on our excursions.

The first group, which consisted of 7 female team members, headed to Loro Parque (similar to Sea World) for the day. They enjoyed a great time of fellowship together as well as the opportunity to observe the greatness of God’s creation through the various creatures. Rumor has it that everyone made it through the bird exhibits without any un-expecting surprises.

The other group of team members embarked on the “Masca” hike. The group consisted of about 20 team members. We started at the top of the Masca village and hiked down the strenuous trail to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Along the hike, there was great fellowship, laughter, sweat, blood, goats and rocks. Lots of rocks. Over the course of two and a half hours, our group weaved down the ravine to the beach below. Rumor has it that Joey sacrificed a part of his bocadillo to a bird who unexpectedly snatched a piece of bread out if his hands.  At the bottom of the ravine, there was a rocky area where you could sit and enjoy the view of the ocean. There was also a stone dock located along the beach, where “express boats” would dock to pick up and drop off people for the Masca hike. When boats were not coming in and out of the dock, we were able to jump off the dock into the water. The water was a clear, vibrant blue with a good level of saltiness to it. Members from our group would jump off the dock, swim around to the ladder, climb up the dock and repeat the process again. With the hard work behind us, the group swam, ate lunch, and hung out together. Many videos and pictures documented the jumping, flipping, and diving into the water. Around 4:30, our group loaded up on one of the express boats to head back to town. It was a quick ride, lasting only 15 minutes; however our group enjoyed the time at sea. Upon our arrival in town, we waited to be picked up by our chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs then drove us to our respective houses and dropped us off to shower and clean up for the evening’s event.

Close to 8:00PM, we arrived at El Guanchinche Talegazo as a group. Our large group of 30 sat at one table, sharing various foods, conversations, and laughs. We enjoyed an herb bread, a garbanzo bean dish, papas fritas, cheese, chicken and more. The food was very enjoyable and the sweet fellowship was even better. Many pictures were taken and memories made as we enjoyed our time at the guanchinche.

Following our time of dinner, we headed back to our respective homes to get some good rest and prepare for tomorrow. With great anticipation, we look forward to what tomorrow will hold. – Reghan

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