Tenerife 2017 | Update 9 | June 25

Tenerife 2017 | Update 9 | June 25

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today was a travel day.  After waking up and eating breakfast, we hopped in a car and journeyed down to the south part of the island.  I slept for most of the car ride, which was nice.  We had the chance to attend a church service in Adeje, which was in Spanish.  It seemed like a great church with a solid pastor.  After church, we went to our hotels to drop off our stuff.  We found a cockroach in my bed and we all jumped around the room screaming.  It was awesome.  Next, we went to all around Costa Adeje.  We got ice cream, too.  It was a very chill and fun night.  Upon retiring to our hotel room, we found more cockroaches and Alcides killed them with bug spray.  Even though they were all dead, I stayed in the other room.  Today was excellent! – Joey

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