Tenerife Day 1 June 22, 2013 Friday/Saturday

As the day comes to a close and we lay down to rest our travel wearied bodies, we reflect on God’s grace and His mercy.  Before we even left Emmaus, we were met with challenges.  On the way to meet, a vehicle broke down and caused the departure from Emmaus to be delayed by 45 minutes.  Traffic to JFK caused the drive to the airport take almost 3 hours.  The plane’s departure from NYC to Madrid was pushed back by 30 minutes.  All of these could have put us in a place to worry, to doubt, to fret.  But God’s grace and mercy continue to abound and we arrived in Tenerife with all of our bags, greeted by a fantastic welcoming committee.  For some of us, this is like an annual family reunion where we are again reacquainted with family we haven’t seen in years.  And yes, when speaking as our spiritual family, it IS a true family reunion!  This year, we have new family members as one of the men who we worked with last year became a believer about 8 months ago!  His girlfriend also is a now follower of Christ and in obedience to Him, they are now married.  In speaking with him a bit today, he is so thankful that he has made the change in his life and is committed to life in Christ.  It is such a joyous time to see the fruit from the seed that we helped water. We moved effortlessly from the airport to our new home for the next week in an area in the southern part of the island called Adeje (Ah-DAY-hay).  Staying in a different location this year than last year, we have 4 rooms with bunk beds, 2 for the women and 2 for the men.  The faculties are nice, clean, and located in a municipal building with the police, ambulance, and firefighters, it’s a bit different that what we have seen in the US, but extremely safe!  Dinner was a fantastically made by one of the missionary wives and her helpers.  Consisting of chicken in a Venezuelan rice dish, served with fresh bread and fresh fruits of watermelon, pears, apples, and papaya, it was a fantastic meal for tired bodies and hungry stomachs.  Closing the evening was a brief time of getting to know each other.  With close to 30 people working together in various capacities, it was incredible to see the team that God has assembled for His work these two weeks.  May God continue to show Himself to us as we give ourselves to Him.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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