Tenerife Day 13 – July 4, 2013 Thursday

To celebrate an American holiday in a foreign country is really not that spectacular.  There is no concept of the point in American history that has brought the Untied States to celebrate on July 4.  The day passes by as any other, giving the illusion the events which have demanded that this day should be recognized have never occurred.  But, in all reality, this day is one of great celebration for the American people.  The day we celebrate our independence from tyranny has every right to be honored as we reflect on when our nation began.  For those who are followers of Christ also have an Independence Day of their own.  A day when they have declared their independence from of life of spiritual tyranny and have entered a live of Freedom in Christ Jesus.  No longer burdened by the heavy taxing of sin, those who follow Christ are free from the life of slavery to sin.  So, armed with that ammunition, we set forth today to walk in the Light  and share the Love and Grace that comes from a revolution of one’s spirit.  In La Oratava, Santa Ursula and La Victoria, PTR has chosen to let their light so shine among men that they would see their good works and glory their Father in Heaven.  Alcedes was the one to give his testimony today and those within the sound of his voice we brought face to face with the nature of our great God.  The clinics at La Oratava, Santa Ursula, and La Victoria enjoyed the opportunity to be engaged through basketball with those who have been changed by the grace of God.  La Victoria’s clinic today was a bit special since it was the last one for the week.  The kids who attended the clinic were fully involved as we played many games, to which they were grateful.  The final game of the clinic was a coaches verses kids game in which the kids won.  Full of excitement and fun, everyone enjoyed the game, both those playing and those watching.  Our time in La Victoria came to a close as a local government official’s representative and the head of basketball operation for the La Victoria basketball club each presented gifts to the church we are working with for this trip.  Following the closing cheer, the PTR team and the La Victoria kids enjoyed a few moments of saying good bye, taking pictures, and sharing Facebook contact info.  Some even signed shirts or gave away theirs as a way to say thank you for building a relationship  this week.  With no games scheduled for tonight, the team enjoyed a great dinner together of arapas and then returned to their homes for rest.  Tomorrow will bring one more busy day and lots of excitement.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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