Tenerife Day 14 – July 5, 2013 Friday

The last day of camp in Santa Ursula and La Oratava.  As usual, we started with breakfast in our homes and then met at our regular prayer point, a place that overlooks the towns below with a great view to the ocean.  Following words of encouragement and corporate prayer, we headed off to our final day of clinics.  The clinics went well and the kids enjoyed all that we had for them.  Keeping the kids moving throughout the time we had them, they have learned a lot about basketball and about sportsmanship.  At both locations, a sportsmanship award was given out to kids who demonstrated the characteristics and qualities that we have been encouraging all week long.  Eyes light up when they receive their reward – a PTR t-shirt, just like the ones the coaches are wearing.  At the closing moments of the Santa Ursula clinic, the Gospel presentation was given, much like the one given by Alcedes yesterday at La Victoria.  As hard as it is to say ‘good-bye’, it is one thing that accompanies all clinics and camps.  The investment into the lives of the kids is worth every second and the harder it is to say those words, the more meaningful the time spent with them.  As the last group huddle cheers ‘Uno, Dos, Tres, Push the Rock!’ the echo vibrates throughout the gym in Santa Ursula.  80+ voices in unison shout those three simple words, yet the meaning is so profound: Share Christ!  May God continue to use those who remain in Santa Ursula to continue to Share Christ through their lives.  Our group enjoyed another lunch together and then one last full Team Time.  Jim, a pastor from Texas who has been traveling with Travis throughout Kenya for the past 2 weeks, shared with us.  The time in Kenya has impacted them in many ways, especially the need for all people to come to know who Jesus is and have a desire to walk with Him.  His message was strong and found its ways to the hearts of us all.  Sharing the last testimony, Venezuelan and missionary with the Granadilla church in the south Alcedes (aka Big Poppy) allowed us to hear his story.  Powerful and meaningful, again we were challenged to make decisions that would bring glory and honor and praise to our God.  With no clinic in the afternoon at La Victoria, the team headed off to two sports stores to purchase gear.  Returning back for our last game, we were able to play mixed gender against the team from La Matanza.  A neighboring town to Santa Ursula, many of our players from the Santa Ursula church knew and have relationships with those who came.  With a laid back atmosphere, both the men and women mixed to play a friendly match.  Although the score ended up being not even close, the PTR team was able to hold a strong testimony for all to see.  May God continue to use the relationships the church of Santa Ursula has build for His Glory.    A late supper was had at the church by the team and then it was off to our homes for a good night’s rest.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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