Tenerife Day 15 – July 6, 2013 Saturday

With no clinics or games to play, the team headed to a place on the coast to enjoy rest and take in the awesome view of God’s handiwork and creation.  While some hiked up the mountain, the rest stayed on the beach and enjoyed fellowship with many from the Santa Ursula church who travelled with us on the excursion.  We returned in time for our debrief, a special time with just the 10 of us in preparation for returning to the States.  A crucial time, it allowed us to give praise to our Father for all that He has taught us, done with us and in us, and share with the group what He has allowed us to enjoy.  Prayer for the remainder of the trip and travel, sharing gratitude and praise, we finished with our hearts talking to Him.  He is amazing and we have had another opportunity to taste and see that the Lord is good.  Supper held the greatest treat for us as we enjoyed homemade paella with the church and our extended family.  For some, the meal was a new thing to be discovered, for others it was an old favorite to be treasured.  When we could eat no more, we entered into a time of sharing of what these past two weeks have meant to us.  With a large portion of the church present as well as a few the kids from  some of clinics, people spoke of God’s goodness and graciousness, giving thanks to Him as well as others who have obeyed His call on their lives.  A very emotional time for  those who Believe and and those who are curious, for those leaving and those staying, hearts were eager to share words of thankfulness, kindness, love, gentleness, encouragement, and more.  All of which are exactly what we are called to do as the body of Christ: edify one another, bear each others’ burdens, honor each other, praise and worship our holy God with each other.  Tears flowed, trickled, and gushed down the faces of all nationalities as we said good-bye to each other, not knowing what the immediate future will hold, but confident that one day, gathered around the Throne of our King, we will be reunited one more time for an event far greater than these past two weeks.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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