Tenerife Day 16 / Madrid Day 1 – July 7, 2013 Sunday

A travel day, we left the island at 10:00AM for our flight to Madrid. Fortunate to have a few church members travel with us, the send off was wonderful. We received more hugs and prayers as we said good bye one more time. Weaving through the security lines, we made our way to the plane. The flight was 2:50 long and uneventful. Some were able to get caught up on their journal writing while others took a well earned nap. The team split up as the main section of the group found their way to their connecting flight to NYC and made a safe trip home. The other two, Kory and Brendan, stayed in Madrid for another week of PTR in the town of Arroyomolinos, a community of Madrid. Flying into Madrid for a few days to see how the first PTR trip to Madrid is going, Chico met Kory and Brendan in the airport, all of them being picked up by missionaries Sheri and Terry Lynn. A ride to the home of missionary Mark, the three new comers met the CCBFC team. The reunion was a fun one as stories were shared and laughter abounded. Time was spent planning and then it was off to a lake for some swimming. Having returned from the lake, all of the CCBFC/PTR team returned to their homes for a good meal. Great conversations followed as the team and their hosts enjoyed a time of fellowship after dinner. Not long after the last plate was cleared from the table did the Madrid team drift off to sleep with the temperature still stuck at 91ºF.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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