Tenerife Day 3 – June 24, 2013 Monday

Monday.  The beginning of the week.  The start of the clinics.  All preparation was for this day.  Starting with breakfast and then a devotional time from Hebrews 9, the team set off to the Galeon gym in Adeje.  Seeing familiar faces from last year and new ones to accompany them, 39 kids started off the week.  Aging from 6-17, the age span allowed us to separate the kids into age and ability groups.  Each group had the opportunity to spend time in each of the 5 skill stations (passing, shooting, rebounding, defense, and dribbling/ball handling) working on and developing their individual skills.  The overall attitude of the group was very positive and they worked hard to learn and implement the skills taught at each station.  Teaching one-on-one defense, the all camp demonstration today showed the fundamentals of how to play this element of the game.  With the basics explained, the kids then practiced the skills by playing 3 on 3 games.  Using 6 baskets, each of the kids was fully engaged in playing and enjoying the opportunity to play.  Following camp, a great lunch was served at our home base and we were also able to participate in a praise and worship team time that also allowed for the testimony of two team members.  Sharing their testimony to the Push the Rock group as well as the volunteers from the church was a great encouragement to all who were listening, including new believers who just recently came to know Christ.  When back at the gym, the team was met by 48 kids who arrived for the next two hours of organized basketball games.  Playing 10 minute games with 5 of the older gorps and working on skills and having fun with the younger group, the time went by quickly.  Able to build into the lives of all of the kids was a highlight of the time together.  An invitation to come to the clinic the next day was given and those who had not been there in the morning gladly accepted.  With hopeful hearts, the team waved good bye to the players.  After a quick snack, an impromptu slam dunk contest emerged to the delight of the group.  Five noble volunteers stepped forward to put their slam dunking skills to the test.  Each were introduced in the finest of fashions and had 3 chances for a successful dunk in each of the three rounds.  Those watching keep score and in the end awarded Alcedes the championship.  Fun was had by all and proved to be a great time of team unity and fellowship.  Still with daylight and gym time, the group was broken into two teams and scrimmaged each other.  Not having a scheduled game against a local opponent, the two PTR teams played hard against each other used the game as preparation to play the rest of the week.  Back at the home base, a great dinner followed the game, along with another opportunity to invest in the lives of those who are a part of this two-week ministry.  Tired from the day’s activities, the team headed to bed, eager to start another day tomorrow.  With God’s blessings and provisions, they lay their weary bodies down with anticipation of great things to come.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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