Tenerife Day 4 – June 25, 2013 Tuesday

The alarm goes off and wakes us to another day in sunny Tenerife.  Cool during the night, the sun is warming the air as we wake up to what God has for us today.  Those who sprung out of bed Monday morning before the alarms went off, slept until the very last moment today.  Getting slowly out of bed, the team prepared for another long day.  And what a day it was.  Breakfast was fantastic and the morning devotional from Hebrews 10 made sure that both our bodies and souls were well fed.  More faces arrived at the clinic today as we topped off at 55 kids.  Our invitation to come to the clinic last night was accepted by many kinds and we were able to work with more kids today than yesterday.  As the kids moved through the drills and skills, they were attentive and hard working.  They were respectful and positive as we talked to them about playing as a team, helping each other up, and by applying things learned to not only to the basketball court, but also to life.  Players whose skills could allow them to have an air of arrogance were humble in their interactions with us, allowing us to share the love of Christ and add one more thing to help them be better players.  Younger kids also were at the clinic and provided a challenge to work with and to keep them engaged for the duration of the clinic.  However, they enjoyed their time and our coaches had a challenging but very good experience with them.  Upon return to home base for lunch, we enjoyed another fantastic home cooked meal (which included…mashed potatoes) and another Team Time with the US participants and the local church.  We talked about Jonathan, Saul’s son, and how he had confidence in God to do great things.  This same confidence can be ours as well should we choose to follow hard after the Lord and be mindful to put into practice what we have learned about Him.  Testimonies were given by Christy and Kory that allowed us to see the hand of God working in their lives.  As were the previous testimonies, these were an encouragement to the group.  The afternoon basketball session contained 59 kids which put stress on our seams as we packed the kids into the gym and what we had planned for them.  They demonstrated all they had learned earlier in the day as they put into practice the techniques that were displayed to them.  We were even able to teach the PTR game of Hot Shot.  All had a chance to play and enjoyed this fun shooting game.  A little different form what they are used to, it provided a chance for each player to work on his/her shooting and rebounding skills.  But what was truly a highlight of the day was when one boy fell taking a lay-up and two others came to help him up!  Although not specifically told or taught to do so, these boys had seen the example set for them and chose to do the same.  What a rewarding experience to see that what we are doing is being used by God to make an immediate impact on the kids we are with each day.  This situation gave us the opportunity to speak more about the action that so excited us.  May God continue to move in the hearts of those who attend and view from the stands.  A quick snack was eaten and we headed to another gym for the men to play their game.  The PTR men’s team, a truly international team, took to the court in a contest against our host club for the week.  Our team was out matched by the host team in number of players, but not in hustle or desire.  Playing hard to the very end, our team lost a hard fought game 112 – 92.  Not being totally sure of the history of scoring for PTR teams in Spain, this was one of the highest scoring games PTR has played in for the past 5 years.  The team’s testimony was strong and evident as they worked hard to do their best and set a great example for the 70+ fans that were in attendance, including both adults and kids who attended the clinics earlier in the day.  As we returned home from the game and enjoyed a great dinner, we enjoyed all that god has done today.  And one, at the end of the day the sun is has long set in the sky.  The alarm clocks, too, have been set once again in preparation for yet another day.

For the team,
Coach Brendan


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