Tenerife Day 7 – June 28, 2013 Friday

It’s hard to believe we have completed one full week of clinics here in Tenerife.  The time has gone by quickly with many exciting opportunities and evidences of God’s grace.  Today was no exception.  Filled with fun and expectation, we have enjoyed another great day due to the Lord’s divine providence.  Today’s routine followed yesterday’s and after a typical European breakfast of bread, jam, and cold cuts, we were encouraged again from the book of Hebrews.  Following the devotional, we were off to the gym for the morning clinic.  Knowing that this was the last time we would hold the morning clinic, a few of the girls’ eyes became moist with the thought.  However, once the activity of the day began, all smiles returned and we were back in the routine.  The clinic flowed perfectly and the coaches put the final touches on the things they have been teaching all week.  With one last opportunity to talk about things of the Lord, the coaches each tied basketball and the things learned this week, tying those concepts into life.  A great moment of intimacy with each group, each kid was able to hear directly from the coaches’ hearts.  The last element of the clinic involved a clinic-wide game of Hot Shot, allowing all the kids to participate.  60 kids were present today in this clinic and each of them enjoyed playing the game.  The clinic ended with an invitation to return tonight for the final evening clinic and some refreshments and the reminder that parents could arrive an hour early to watch their children play the game.  Our group returned for another fantastic lunch, followed by a praise and worship team time.  The Lord was honored both in word and in song as the entire group shared this time together.  Back to the gym for the last time, we again had the kids, all 61 of them, broken up into teams and competed 5 v 5.  Each player had demonstrated a level of growth in their basketball skills as well as their understanding of sportsmanship and what it looks like on the basketball court.  Ending the time together with a short closing program, we were able to recognize individual players who performed well in two of our competitions and those who demonstrated great sportsmanship all week.  Following an explanation of who Push the Rock is and the distribution of the awards, Alcedes, a missionary with the local church in Granadilla (only a short distance away) we are working with here in the South, talked a bit about knowing who Jesus is and having a relationship with Him.  Heard by both the kids and their parents, he was open about having Jesus as a part of their lives.  He also invited the kids to be a part of the things that his youth group will be doing.  After the last whistle was blown and the final group huddle was called and the last “Push the Rock” was cheered.  A time of refreshments followed and players, coaches and parents all mingled and continued to build bonds of relationships that had begun earlier in the week.  A young lady named Julia accepted the Lord today and she cried with joy as she was welcomed into the family of God.  One of our Venezuelan coaches had been talking with her for a while and today God drew her to Himself!  We give praise for what He has done in the life of this young lady.  May she grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and grow stronger in her walk with Him.  The night ended with a very large set of pick-up games which included all the teams that have played against each other on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was a fun night as PTR players were scattered on a variety of teams as all had a chance to play with each other rather than against each other.  Returning back to home base for our last night in the South, we enjoyed great food and good company.  Heading off to bed was the final priority as the weary bodies have begun to demand more rest from their owners.  As it is silent now, tomorrow will bring a great day of excitement as we pack-up to head up to our host church’s town, Santa Ursula.  We’ll be stoping along the way for a fun excursion before settling in for the nights events.  A great day and a great week behind us, we commit into the hands of our Lord the work we have done for Him and in His name.  May He use it all for His eternal glory.  To God be the praise.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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