Tenerife, Spain July 2, 2015 | Day 14

Day 14. Thursday, July 2

Another great day.  Much like yesterday, the routine has become very familiar now.  Everyone knows where they are going, what they are doing, and what comes next.  A good flow, the team is in a groove.  This is a good thing for camaraderie, unity, bonding, and more, but sometimes it can require teams to refocus and keep the task at hand before them.  With the clinics going smoothly, there was a slight change this morning with the Santa Ursula clinic.  Push the Rock partnered with the local Summer Camp and provided the morning activity for an extra 30+ kids.  Only for today, Push the Rock worked with the leaders of the summer camp to incorporate their kids with the Push the Rock morning basketball training.  This was held at a different gym only 5 minutes away from our typical gym.  Making the adjustment was easy for the kids as well as the coaches.  All of the kids had a great time as they learned more about basketball and had a great opportunity to develop their skills.  A great lunch and another meaningful team time remained an important part of the day.  Testimonies of God’s redeeming work in the lives of frail humans were shared and all listening had the privilege of hearing how God brings to pass all that He has promised in His word.  The afternoon clinic also went well.  3 v 3 games were held at the end of stations and it was a very profitable time.  The coaches were able to help the players put into practice all that they have been working on so far this week and also had the opportunity to give better attention to the players as individuals.  A great teaching time, the coaches are excited about the possibility of doing it again on Friday.  A quick snack was eaten this time at the church since it is in walking distance from the gym in which tonight’s game was played.  The game started a little later than most games this week, but it was worth it.  Almost 15 guys showed up to play against the Push the Rock boys in tonight’s game against the local players who often play pick-up basketball in the very same gym as the game.  The beginning of the game was back and forth, put soon Push the Rock pulled out a lead.  The lead grew and the Push the Rock team received a victory.  However, greater than the score on the scoreboard was the testimony that each of the Push the Rock team members had this evening.  While playing with all of their hearts, they maintained their composure and honored the Lord with both their words and deeds.  After a quick meal, the team headed back for some much needed rest.  Tomorrow is the very last day of the clinics and the team wants to be ready.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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