Tenerife, Spain June 21, 2015 | Day 3

Day 3, Sunday, June 21

Starting the day with a wonderful breakfast, the team enjoyed the opportunity to have a good meal and to start the day off well.  Once fed and ready, the team headed off to the church in the town of Granadilla, not too far from where we are staying.  One of the locals working with us serves at this church in a leadership role and helped graciously welcome us.  A fantastic time of praise and worship, the beginning of the service allowed the team to have a meaningful time with the local believers.  The praise team from the church worked hard this past week to select songs that they believed the English speakers would know and integrated the English verses and choruses into each song.  The product of their labor resulted in a very powerful time in which both Spanish and English speakers’ worship was a pleasant aroma to our God.  One member of the team had the opportunity to share his testimony of what God has done in his life during the year between high school and college.  This was very valuable part of the service for all who attended.  Local church planter Dave had two other team members share a typical sportsmanship thought at the beginning of the message as a way to share with the congregation what a sportsmanship sounds like (translated into Spanish, of course).  This allowed those listening to understand how sports, scripture, and life are all intertwined and can positively influence one another.  These thoughts were then integrated into the message and served as a way to further the heart of message.  Upon the end of the service, the congregation held a pot-luck lunch for everyone.  Chicken, a few different forms of potatoes, salad, and paella were served to a hungry group of people.  Laughter was heard and a good time was had by all.  Upon finishing the meal and helping clean up, the team headed back to home base for team time.  A chance to do some house keeping to prepare the team for the rest of the day, it was also a wonderful time of building relationships as two of our team members shard their testimonies with the group which included both Spanish and English speakers alike.  Moved by how God has worked in the lives of these two individuals and how He  began to integrate these two lives over the past 15 months, the entire team clearly saw God’s sovereignty, grace, mercy, and love.  An honor to have the transparency of these two team members, all who heard their stories were moved by what God has done and is doing.  As team time ended, the team packed up again and went back to the gym to formulate what the clinics will be like for the week ahead.  After an explanation of the schedule and expectations, the team broke into two groups, the Los Cardones group (named for the location that gym is in) and the Galleon group (named after one of two gyms in the town of Adeje).  The groups then assigned responsibilities to each of the team members and took time to prepare for the week.  Upon completing the preparation, the whole group played a few games of full court basketball in order to prepare for the upcoming games.  After returning to home base to shower and change, the team headed to a PTR favorite, the Metro King Restaurant for a dinner.  Known for their 1 meter (3’) long rectangular pizzas, the team had a good meal and enjoyed the time to bond and build unity.  Dessert was enjoyed as the team stopped on the way back to home base at a scenic town for gelato and a stroll along the town’s edge.  Overlooking the sea, the soft breeze and the cool air made it a refreshing time.  Back to home base, showered and tucked in, the team is silently preparing for a first and full day tomorrow.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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