Tenerife Welch Team Update #4 April 5 & 6, 2017

Wednesday, April 5 / Thursday, April 6
The last 2 days we were at the International School in Adeje.  The
facility is beautiful, the teachers were friendly and the kids were
full of energy.  We rotated through 6 age groups (7-12 year olds) the
first day and taught 382 kids the basics of basketball.  They LOVED
it.  They even asked us for our autographs!  The school provided a
delicious lunch for us each day, even though a little British girl
told us not to eat the food, especially the potatoes, because they are

Today we saw 211 (13-18 year olds)! They didn’t think we were as cool
(so no autographs) but they did work really hard at each station and
seemed to truly enjoy themselves.  At the end of the day, we were told
that we may not have any students for the last station because school
had ended and kids leave right away.  We had 8 young men stay to play
some basketball with us.  We played some crazy game of 10 v 10 with 6
hoops.  It was a lot of fun and the guys enjoyed it.

Once class was over, we were given a tour of the facility.  What a
beautiful place!  We were also told that Push The Rock has an open
door invitation to come back!  Praise the Lord.

When we got back to Los Bomberos, we had team time and then rested
about 15 min…then it was off to our next clinic.  We returned to the
same club we were at on Monday.  Some of these kids have been playing
basketball for years and a number have attended Push The Rock camps since the
beginning.  We had 66 kids ages 6-16 run through stations.

After camp, we had a game.  We played a team of “older” women (some of
whom Push The Rock has played in the past).  It was great to play with them
again and to demonstrate Who we play for.  We got off to a slow start
but then found our legs and were able to pull ahead and win the game.
It still amazes me that God chooses to use us and the game of
basketball to bring people to Himself.  We pray that the interactions
we had with the kids, teachers, administration, etc, would point
people to Jesus Christ.

Bendiciones y buenas noches,
Kim Schlonecker – for the team

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