The Costa Rica team finishes up first week of ministry June 1, 2010

We are just finishing up our first week of ministry and continue to be blessed with how God is working!

On Saturday we spent the morning at the juvenile detention center playing soccer against the young men who are inmates. Push The Rock Costa Rica goes there every Saturday to play and minister.  It was great to be able to support their ministry.  From 8-9:30 we played against men 18 – 24 who are waiting to be sent to the men’s prison.  From 9:30 – 11 we played against young men waiting for trial and from 11:15 – 12 against boys who are in maximum security.  They asked us to stay and play against the last group because they rarely get out.  In fact, we were told they only get 1 hour of sunlight a day. We played a lot of soccer and were exhausted at the end. Andy shared his testimony at each session and Pastor Don G prayed for the men.  We prayed for one young man at the second session who specifically asked for prayer. 
After the soccer we went back to CED for lunch and then went shopping for supporters.  I love the bartering but most find it boring. After shopping we went to dinner in the mountains and had a great time of food and fellowship. We were so high that the clouds were eye level.  When they passed by you could see all the lights from the city below.   At one point we had Eddie convinced that all the lights were turned out at the same time.  It was a great night.

On Sunday we got to sleep in until 7:30, which was great.  Most days we are leaving AMCA at 7:15 so this was a real treat.  Julie and I made our traditional walk to Musmani for cream donuts and coffee before heading off to CED for breakfast and church.  The people from CED are so gracious and loving and we have come to love them very much.  We had breakfast with the Push The Rock Costa Rica Board of Directors.  I shared about all that is going on at Push The Rock and our vision around the world as well as our expectations for them as a board.  After I shared I opened it for questions and we had some good dialogue.  I really enjoyed the discussion and am excited about what God will do in Costa Rica as well as in all of Central America .

After breakfast we had a great service at CED.  Pastor talked about the need to hear God’s voice.  He shared about the Israelites, who at times refused to listen to God. He asked if we are ready to listen to God when He speaks to us ?

After church we went to the mall with a group from the church and had a great time of food and fellowship.  The church has embraced us and we have built a great relationship for which we are so grateful.  Late in the day we had a 8 v 8 game and played terribly.  After getting down 4-0 we came back and eventually won 8-7.  After the game we had dinner and Team Time and enjoyed a good time of fellowship before bed.

Dave Walton for the team

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