WSCA Brazil Update #2

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast at the church & also attended the church we are staying at. During the Sunday School hour, we sat with Daniel, our Push The Rock Brazil missionary, by the lake to spend time talking through the schedule for the week and praying for the specific things we will be doing and people we will be interacting with.

Around 10:30, we headed into the church service. We loved the worship & singing in Portuguese. We couldn’t understand most of the message, but thanks to some English on the projector screen, we were able to follow along in 1 Thessalonians. After church we enjoyed getting to know some of Daniel’s Push The Rock staff over lunch. We have loved interacting with them and getting to know them better throughout the day!

We sat in on one of their Push The Rock Brazil meetings, learned the roles each staff member plays in the ministry at AECA (the sports facility where they run ministry) and got to hear and see a little more about the ongoing ministry in Brazil.

Soon after the meeting, we headed to a church right down the road that has recently started a sports ministry program on Sunday afternoons. The church has a vision to reach out to the kids from the surrounding community and bring them to the church for sports and to share with them about the Lord. We played a few games with the kids – a dizzy bat/soccer ball relay and a sponge/water relay. It was fun to interact with the kids & Natalie had the chance to share her testimony with them.

The program for the day was officially over, but we stayed around for an extra hour or so to play soccer against the kids – we had  a blast!

After some quick showers, we headed to a pizza place for dinner (delicious) and an ice cream shop on the way home. We will finish our night with team time – looking at the 1st commandment.

We are excited to dive into more ministry tomorrow at a public school & an orphanage. We will have the opportunity to be in front of a couple hundred kids tomorrow – pray with us as we get to share about the Lord with these kids at a public school!

Thank you for your prayers! Check back tomorrow for another update!

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