WSCA Brazil Update #4

We spent the day at a camp where a local Christian school was on retreat for 4 days. We got to jump right in with them for the day – it was so fun to be there with them and get to know them.

When we got to the camp in the morning, we had the opportunity to share testimonies with them – Mary, Reid and Kyle all shared! After that, different groups of students took us to their small groups. We all did different things – in my group (high school girls) we wrote out qualities that we looked for in friends and husbands and talked about how we can bring those things before the Lord and seek him in making friendships and relationships. After small groups, we got to play games and have free time with them before lunch.

The best part about today was that these students spoke English very well! We loved being able to communicate with them and learn about them.

There were many cool things to do at the camp – a long concrete water slide, a pool, basketball, soccer, volleyball, games, and some blow ups for racing and sliding into water. We got wet, spent a long day in the sun and made some very cool new friends.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon doing a combination of all the activities mentioned above. A lot of us were found on the court playing games!

There as a crew of students that we got to know well and got to have good conversations with and build relationships with. We are praying for them tonight as the Gospel is presented and the students have a chance to choose to follow the Lord.

We came back to dinner – a bbq prepared by our hosts and a few other Push The Rock staff. They have been the most amazing hosts here in Brazil!

We are excited to be at their ministry – AECA – tomorrow for the day. Check back for an update tomorrow!

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