Zambia Disc Golf Trip Update – 1.21.19

Our first full day was certainly action packed and a lot of fun.  You couldn’t tell the team was jet lagged as a few of the team members were up at 6am to test the course.  By 8:30 everyone was ready to go and we got to work on the course.  As a team we walked all 18 holes taking turns throwing shots, and discussing where to put tee pads, baskets, and if we should take out a certain branch or leave it.  By the end of that walk we had a great game plan.  Part of the team worked on baskets with a local welder, and the rest of the team did various jobs on the course as we work towards our goal of a completed course by Wednesday.

In the afternoon, the team worked on several different fronts.  Part of the team continued to work on baskets, others continued on the course, while a small group did disc golf training with the staff.  The training with the staff was a highly valuable.  It was clear that the staff is improving in their skill, and it is clear they want to be resources for the kids who have developed a passion for it.  This is something we hope to fit in to the schedule each day, and will be picked up by Esther as she works through her internship for the next couple of months.

The afternoon may have been the highlight of the day.  While there was still plenty of work to be done, the team came together to work with the kids that come each day to the after-school program.  The local staff hid the soccer balls and disc golf was the only option.  We started with about 25 kids, and as the afternoon progressed kids trickled in and we ended up with more than 50.  Today we took the advanced players to the course and did an introductory clinic for those who are newer to the game.  By the end, everyone had migrated to the course and discs were flying all over the place.

It felt like we packed at least three days into this one day, but as we met together as a team there were many highlights shared.  Tomorrow we will again be working on the course, teaching, and hope to begin installing baskets on the new nine!  Thank you to those of you who are praying for the team and the staff here.


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