2019 Zambia Disc Golf Trip Update – Arrival

After a very long 36 hours of traveling, the team arrived safely in Macha.  After dropping bags in the dorms the team was eager to get out and check out the course before dinner.  There has been a lot buzz about disc golf lately, so the team was greeted on the course by a large group of local players.  Everyone decided to play the course as a big group of 25 plus people, which was definitely a lot of fun.  It was a great introduction for the team, and we all look forward to the week ahead.

Tomorrow the team will jump right in with a full day.  Our goal is to complete the course and install baskets by Wednesday, which means a lot of work will need to go into the new section of the course.  In the morning the team will walk through the course making final decisions on tee and basket placements, while the local crew works on clearing and removing stumps.  We also will be working on finalizing the additional nine baskets we will be using for the course.

On top of working on the course, our goal is to continue to teach.  Our major focus will be working with the staff to not only help them grow in their ability to play but also to grow in their ability to teach.  The staff at Push The Rock Zambia is a great group, and one that is very respected in the community.  We know that if we can share our passion and enthusiasm for the sport with them it will go a long way.  Of course, we will also have the opportunity to work with the kids in the afternoon which is sure to be a highlight.

For those of you who are at home praying for this trip, we want to say thank you!  Please pray that the team would recover well from the travel and that all the members would approach the week with open and willing hearts to take on the things that God lays out before us this week.

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