Zambia trip…7.14.15

Another day is in the books in Macha!

The first half of today looked a lot like yesterday, with the addition of two of our team sharing their testimonies with the children at school during chapel.2015-07-14 07.50.08  Both ladies who shared did a great job highlighting the impact a relationship with Christ has made in their lives.  We love to share soccer with all these children, but it is an even greater opportunity and privilege to share the real reason we are here…JESUS!

2015-07-14 09.25.42

For lunch today the team was treated to a traditional Zambian meal, nshima and various relishes to accompany it.  There was beef, eggplant, and cabbage with buntele(boon-tell-eh).  Basically, cabbage with buntele tastes like cabbage mixed with peanut butter, which doesn’t maybe sound appetizing, but it is when all cooked together.  You’ll have to take our word for it, or better yet, come try it for yourselves:)

Most of the team enjoyed the meal, and we all enjoyed being able to eat with our fellow Zambian coworkers who have been spending the mornings with us as well – Thabani, Boyd, and Arold – not to forget Mildred and Hazel who prepared the feast for us.

2015-07-14 16.28.29 2015-07-14 16.31.01 2015-07-14 16.52.23 2015-07-14 16.55.04

In the afternoon we all spent our time at Push The Rock Zambia’s rec center.  Some did soccer with the girls, some with the boys, others read with children, taught them card games, or even put puzzles together.  2015-07-14 17.49.52Needless to say it was a fun afternoon spending time with the many children who come by everyday after school to have fun and keep themselves busy until the (beautiful) sunset.

We continued our night with supper, followed by Team Time, and then another team member’s testimony.  It is always neat hearing each other open up and share, which helps bring us all closer together.  Unity is a great thing, and it is fun to be a part of it.  After discussing the game plan for our clinics tomorrow, we had to have a few rounds of Dutch Blitz!

Otherwise, it is good night from Zambia, tuyobonana ijunza(‘see’ you tomorrow)!

Team Zambia

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