Zambia trip…7.20.15

a1After a group workout of abs, legs and arms(and breakfast), we were off to the rec center for some serious organizing!  Push The Rock Zambia has received a lot of gifts in the last few months, but there has been no room to organize and inventory just exactly what has been given.  So today, our task was simple:  Unpack all the ‘goods,’ take inventory of it and put it back in some kind of order that makes sense.  aIt was kind of like a big puzzle which we attacked with lots of energy, and by lunch time, we had succeeded.  It was a huge help to our friends working here, and we were privileged to help.


After lunch we had our next soccer game, and according to local reports, it would be our toughest during our time here.  It was!  We played against the local nursing school’s team which consisted of all men between the ages of 20-25(it seemed), who apparently have been playing a lot of soccer in their lives!  All that being said, we did start off with a 1-0 lead, which was cut to 1-1 by half.  They made some second half changes and scored 2 quick goals, which proved to be enough to win 3-1.  But the game was so fun.  We all enjoyed playing a good team on a nicer field, regardless of the score.  Our effort was not the problem as we played well as a team, we were just beaten by a good team!  As the game ended and the sun set, our opponents thanked us heartily, and asked for another match. Unfortunately, we told them, a rematch will have to wait until 2016 when the next Push The Rock team is here!  But it as fun for all of us, and it was great to play a game with a lot of our new young friends watching, as we got to practice what we’ve been preaching…even in a losing effort!

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Dinner tasted extra good tonight, Team Time continued in James 3 and 4, and then we heard from another team member.  Tomorrow we’ll have heard from everyone…and then it is almost time to leave.  Where is the time going!

Looking forward to spending some time seeing some things around the community tomorrow as we haven’t done much in the way of ‘sightseeing’ up till this point.

Off to bed…after having played a little more Dutch Blitz of course:)

Team Zambia

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