Zambia Trip Update #1 July 13, 2012

Greetings from Zambia! No the team has not arrived, but they are definitely on the way, somewhere over the Atlantic…

We are eager for them to arrive here in Macha.  I have been here for a week now, preparing for their arrival with meetings and more meetings, arranging school visits and friendly matches.  The community is eager ready for them, and as I rode my bike to one school yesterday, the headmaster greeted me with a big smile and his PTR shirt from last year! Again today I was approached by a young man from a school we visited last year, and he said, ‘Are you coming to our school again?’ with a hopeful look, – such a blessing to be able to say yes, and to return to schools that welcome us with open arms.  We are grateful.

Tomorrow I will join my good friend as we drive to Livingstone, about 3 hours south, to collect the 7  soccer team members that gathered yesterday in Emmaus, PA for the PTR trip training, before flying out of NYC this morning.  Thank you for your prayers for their safe arrival, and for all that the Lord has in store in the next couple weeks.  The internet here is pretty reliable, so check back daily for updates!  In case you did not know, Zambia is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US.


Eric for the team



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