Zambia Trip Update #1 July 20, 2013

Mwabonwa! (welcome!)

This is the greeting in Tonga we will hear a lot of while in southern Zambia!  All have arrived safely in Macha after nearly 17 hours of flying, followed by a 3.5 hour drive here in Zambia.  All our bags arrived with the group, which is always encouraging, especially when there is only a 2.5 hour layover between flights, so for EACH bag to make it to the next plane is quite a blessing.

In Macha we were greeted by lots of warm faces…and a tasty meal of rice and chicken with fresh green beans and fruit salad(fresh of course).  It was a welcomed meal for all and now we are settling in for the night, resting up for what will be an amazing time here.  We are very excited to join the local church service tomorrow  and for those returning members of our team, it will also be great to see so many friends from the past.

Thanks for all the prayers, they are much needed and very much appreciated!

Good night for now, as we dream of the days to come here in southern Zambia.

The team

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