Zambia Trip Update #10 July 29, 2013

One of the great things about this culture is that it is so relationship focused.  It’s important to be seen in the community, it’s important to make the effort to see things and try to learn from the people we may get to meet.  Today offered us a chance to do just that.  The first visit of the day was a short walk down to a local high school where we had played a couple games last week.  Though we had played a couple games there, we hadn’t really spent time at the school, so today the headmaster and deputy head teacher invited us into their office to hear about the history, progress, and problems that they are currently facing.  A huge problem is overcrowding.  It’s crazy to hear of the struggles they have, we should certainly count our blessings in the US, if we don’t already.  The team enjoyed getting a new perspective and had a chance to ask some good questions!  Of course we got to stop in a couple classrooms, which the students LOVED!

After that it was off to the hospital that we’ve been walking by pretty much every day since getting here!  A missionary doctor who has lived here for many years gave us a quick tour of the hospital, as well the HIV/AIDS clinic and malaria research labs.  This hospital was established back in the 1950’s and has been a beacon of hope ever since.  For being so far out in the ‘bush,’ it is a great hospital and many people will pass on closer options and come to this one because of it’s reputation to be compassionate while providing good health care.  I think we all were blown away at the somewhat ‘primitiveness’ of the facility through our ‘western’ glasses.  But it was encouraging to hear how this hospital has succeeded over the years, and their model of using Zambian leadership is brilliant, which is unlike many other mission hospitals in this country that rely heavily on missionaries to run things.

After lunch we hopped in a vehicle for a quick drive to a local orphanage. There are not a lot of orphanages in Zambia because in this culture family takes care of family.  That being said, there are some, this being one!  We enjoyed a quick tour and then some of us played some soccer with the kids while others sat in the shade taking photos, braiding hair, and just chatting.  It was amazing to see all the work happening there, so we were grateful for the chance just to ‘check it out’ and spend some time with the children.

We zipped home in order to change and then walk to our match for the night.  We won 1-0 as many of the team are now feeling like they’ve grown accustomed to the fields(which have no grass and are rock hard) and are finally adjusted to the air here.  Never mind the fact that we also have picked up some awesome Zambian help along the way who’ve been an absolute blessing!  As usual, we had a great little fan club, so any of our team members not on the field were loving the time with the children on the sidelines.  There was time afterwards for plenty of pictures, though by the time the game ended it was pretty much dark.

Dinner was great, again, and afterwards we spent time together discussing the life of Gideon, and how we could learn more about obedience from his story.   We had also heard from another teammate regarding her testimony earlier in the day.  We have one more person to share tomorrow, and then we’ve heard from everyone in our group…plus a few of our Zambian friends!

I guess that about wraps it up!  We will ‘talk’ to you tomorrow!


The team

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